The Villages

Fifty-four acres of pristine land are zoned and shovel-ready for residential development in all three property types: single family, multi-family, and townhomes. Access to these areas is provided by Moresby Street, Grayson Street, and W.G. Daniels Drive, all installed in 2012. With schools, shopping, dining, and countless employment opportunities on-site, Renaissance Square is certain to be an attractive location for residential growth. And with all three property types available, residents can transition from one type to another as their circumstances warrant.

Uplift Charter School

Uplift Mighty Prep School provides free college preparatory education. Their goal is to completely close the achievement gap between students, regardless of their ethnic or socio-economic background, while ensuring that 100% of their students graduate and enroll in college. Uplift nurtures academic performance and civic responsibility from kindergarten through high school.

The Villages at Renaissance Square (Site plan)